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The term ‘courtesan’ originates around 1565, and literally means ‘a woman of the court’.

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Our exceptional companionship will moves and delights you

The Renaissance has been the blooming period of the courtesan culture. An epoch which was embossed by art, culture and science in Europe. Courtesans enjoyed an excellent reputation. The cultural climate of the former 16the century brought the ideal conditions for a coexistence of the clerical splendor development and for the so-called "love on sale". At celebrations, theatrical performances, banquets and official encounters, women were missed. Courtesans set up as modern companions. They were valid as exclusive companions. Modern courtesans in the today's time are anything but being usual lover on time.

Courtesans are not only reserved for erotic encounters. Thanks to their graceful appearance, they enrich parties and lots of other official and important events. Basic requirements such as beautiful and self-assured appearance, a certain behavior and an excellent education (often with a degree) are essential to become a modern day courtesan. A perfect upbringing as well as the ability to hold a witty conversation, to discuss about various topics, to be intelligent and spontaneous and the capability to widen its horizon daily are features you need to meet the expectation of a true cavalier.

I have acquired all these attributes thanks to my academic education and my high enthusiasm ability for new things, foreign cultures and interesting people. I am proud to have set up myself as a modern international elite courtesan. Hence, I accompany exclusively a few selected gentlemen and I prefer of course longer-term meetings.

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Do you seek the suitable companion which can accompany you professionally to business events and who can be the the brilliant entertainer to conclude a successful evening with your clients?

Do you need a lady who can be a stylish, sophisticated and elegant companion for opera, musical and theater performances? A courtesan who can accompany you to art, cultural, social and charity events? A lady who is able to adapt quickly at any situation, e.g. to spend amusing evening in the casino or with your upscale friends?

Are you looking for a lady with a great passion for sports events like football or formula 1? A lady who plays golf and like skiing? Do you need a companion for a tennis or boxing tournaments or any other sports competitions?

Do you seek a beautiful and extraordinary courtesan with whom you can explore the glittering resorts, spots and places of the world as a holiday and travel companion? Do you wish to escape with her the everyday life for a few hours? Do you need a personal girlfriend to enjoy a memorable days or to spend sensuous moments and unusual adventures together?

You do not need look further. I will with pleasure find you your private courtesan and exclusive part-time girlfriend.

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