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golfing & escorts? This Portugal escort agency says yes. Trendy escort agency Top Call Gril in Portugal is taking the girls.

out of the hotel room and bringing them to the golf course. Honey, can I go golfing with the guys?Escorts in Portugal show off their golf has just gotten a little bit better. Who knew that golfers could be such players? Beautiful women in Portugal are apparently now available for a quick 9 or 18 holes. How long has this been going on? According to us this is a frequent and normal request.

More and more men are requesting female companions for more social and public type activities. It used to be where customers wanted to be much more private with their adult companionship and exotic entertainment needs. Now we are getting about one third of our clients who are looking for a show date, or golfing companion. The current scandals surrounding pro golf and its participants have sent business inquiries through the roof.

Algarve restaurants

Escorts in Portugal Lisbon, Algarve and Porto are turning in their high heels for spikes. Fabulous Top Call Girl Escorts is an out call agency who understands what their customers want. golf and hot sexy women are offered up as two of mens' oldest past times are brought together at last. "Most of us are really athletic girls at heart who happen to enjoy the company of men", stated Victoria (Lisbon), one of the many golfing beauties. "These guys work very hard all year and just want to relax on the golf course with a cold beer and a hot chick".

Victoria got very excited while speaking with us and warned that the innocent round of golf usually turns into a very steamy game of strip putting. Which in turn usually gets them thrown out of the better clubs in Lisbon. "But it's worth every scolding we ever get", claims Victoria.

Are you looking for a lady with a great passion for sports events like football or formula 1? A lady who plays golf and like skiing? Do you need a companion for a tennis or boxing or golf tournaments or any other sports competitions?

As far as we could tell we are the only agency offering female golfing companion services. What's next? Mile high club helicopter rides?

You do not need look further. I will with pleasure find you your private golf courtesan and exclusive part-time girlfriend.

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